Sewer Line Repair

Inland Trenchless cut its teeth on sewer repairs. 

Quick repair examples involve simple cleanout installations and repair of small sections of sewer line.  Oftentimes, these simple repairs can be completed in less than a day and are normally quite affordable to the homeowner.

Affordability is paramount to fast and reliable sewer repair.
Affordable sewer repair doesn’t have to take days in most instances. Done in an afternoon, this new cleanout install will stand the test of time. And affordable to boot!

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Quite a few of these repairs entail collapsed sewer lines.  Under these examples, the sewer line collapsed due to ground pressures coinciding with sewer pipe degradation.   This is a real world example scenario that happens quite often.  Ground pressures on sewer lines are immense and constant. 

 The sewer pipe is in this brutal environment, and there is no letup from these conditions.  Add to this, the weakening sewer pipe itself, due to sewer gasses constantly corroding the upper halves of the sewer lines, and you have conditions that are ripe for collapse. 

Fast and affordable sewer and water repair services done right!
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Clay and concrete pipe are examples that are frequently collapsing due to the conditions listed above.  One would think that glazed fired clay and concrete could withstand these horrendous conditions, and they do to an extent, but sewer gasses are toxic and corrosive even to concrete and clay pipe. 

Imagine how easily Orangeburg pipe fails from these conditions given that Orangeburg pipe is known to have traits that are less than ideal from the start. 

Manufactured from cellulose fiber and tar, this is a pipe that was comprised of many layers.  These layers were thought to stand the test of time, but in the nasty sanitation sewer environment, Orangeburg didn’t stand a chance.

Broken Orangeburg pipe piece shows easily fractured pipe layers.
Easily fractured layers shown in the Orangeburg pipe sample taken from homeowners yard.


Note:  Each time a homeowner clears their Orangeburg line of roots, these layered pipe sections are thinned.  This happens until the rooter machines cutter pokes through the Orangeburg pipe once and for all.  


Sewer camera inspections are also offered by Inland Trenchless.  See our Sewer Camera Inspection page.